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Offloading computations
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TOPIC: Offloading computations

Offloading computations 8 years, 7 months ago #116


we'd like to offload heavy-load computations to another machine M on the
network comprising our Reeti robot, via launch of a distant URBI client on M (which would be sending commands to Reeti's URBI server).

Is this possible without any particular permissions from the URBI software
installed on the robot?

Re: Offloading computations 8 years, 7 months ago #117

You don't need any permission.

You just need to be on the same subnetwork as the Urbi server. You can check in Reeti interface (Info button), on which network it has been started (it can be over wiFi or wired).

Once you are on the right physical subnet :
- connect in TC/PIP to Urbi server : address is Reeti Address, port is 54001
- to testit, try the command : Global.tts.say("Hello"); (don't forget the ";" at the end of each command)

PS :
To perform some external computation you can use an urbi client as you mentionned it.
However you can also use any over architecture (without Urbi). You just need to connect to Urbiserver through a TCP/IP protocol and send urbi command in ASCII.

Here are a few way to do it :
* manually : use a TC/PIP client like tcpcat for linux or putty for windows
* in C++ : use lib uclient from urbi. You can find an example in /home/reeti/reetiDocuments/DevelopmentDoc/Samples/Urbi/StandAloneCPP. You also have some more complex examples using ROS in /home/reeti/reetiDocuments/DevelopmentDoc/Samples/ROS/...
* in java : use java lib uclient from urbi. Examples in /home/reeti/reetiDocuments/DevelopmentDoc/Samples/Java/
* in any other language or environmnet just use your prefered TC/PIP Client. On our side we use boost.asio for linux C++ embedded application or QTNetwork for HMI.
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